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Singularity beast II (copy)

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Henry Tates, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Henry Tates

    Henry Tates New Member

    Hallo people,

    At the time Daniel was building the Singlarity beast II, i was a simple builder of aircooled sytstems for personal use. After the first few youtube films i got the same virus "building watercooled rigs". There was no turning back for me. I collected all the youtube films from the build of the Singularity beast II. This way i was able to get my shopping list for the parts. My pocket money at that time was not enough to get the all the parts at the same time. But with little steps and a lot extra shifts at the firestation i managed to build my own copy of the Singularity beast II. The build is finished. To little time to write it all down again but i want to shar a few pictures. Altho Caselabs i no longer i still have the TH-10.

    All what i want to say "keep up the good work daniel".


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