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Psu cable modding

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by grimcrash, May 18, 2016.

  1. grimcrash

    grimcrash New Member

    Hi guys! I have a Fsp 700w power supply which is not modular. I don't plan to buy a new one anytime soon but it has those ugly 8+6 pcie cables (see first picture) so I want to mod it a little. Is it possible to remove the "extra" 6pin cable and then sleeve the 8pin individually? (I want it to look like the one in the second picture) Do I have to solder it or can I do it with a simple pin removal tool? [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Enderman

    Enderman New Member

    As long as you cut the wires close to the 8 pin connector (so that they dont touch) yes you can remove the 6 pin.

    And you should be able to sleeve the 8 pin cable without doing any soldering. Just remove the pin sleeve it add some heatshrink and put it back in.


    It is recommended you do only 1 cable at a time to prevent mixing them up and killing your GPU.

    Also I would recommend replacing that power supply when you have some money just for safety. Having a dead PC and a housefire isn't worth saving $100 on a PSU.

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