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Need Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Steve101, May 8, 2016.

  1. Steve101

    Steve101 New Member

    Just recently updated from a Rampage extreme IV

    to a Rampage Extreme V

    Intel i7 5960x

    8x sticks of ripjaw ddr4 3000mhz ram

    Now from windows 10 I downloaded latest bios to flash drive then updated it using bios. Now after the bios update the top 4 ram sticks do not get recognised and an error in windows 10 prevented me from booting up into windows. After having to Installing windows 7 ultimate which I have and the downloading windows 10 again and setting up to the way I had it before nearly a full day. Im still with the problem of 64mb of ram only being recognised as 32. Should I reinstall an earlier bios or what should I do. Ive seen lots of people with same problem but no sure sign of a remedy. Any help would be very appreciated . Bare in mind Im not advanced in tech.


    Ok I am assuming you mean 64 GB ram. I had the problem and manage to solve it. I just need to ask you a few things.

    Do the system post with all 8 sticks in it?
    What is your current BIOS version?
    What version are you coming from?
    Are you currently running Windows 10 or Windows 7?

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