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Mayhems UV Clear Blue dye fading in less than an hour

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kdm1020, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. kdm1020

    kdm1020 New Member

    Okay in short I'm using distilled water with EKWB's ekoolant mixed and i'm just adding mayhems' clear uv blue dye and the effect is gone in less than an hour. No matter how many drops i use. I've used half the bottle lol. My hardware is an ek supremacy nickel plexi block ek coolstream 240 rad and an ek ddc pump res combo. Primochill 1/2 od fittings with some ek fittings for a drain valve and some ek right angles and primochill rigid petg tubing. The hardware was flushed about 10 thorough times before filling the loop with what's in it now.

    Any ideas or tips?

    Any pointers on a better alternative than the mayhems uv clear blue? I can post pics of my pc later if needed although the loop is now filled with a pastel blue coolant i still would like to put something more uv reactive in.

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