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Looking for a GPU Waterblock for the Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MrWhiteFoxy, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. MrWhiteFoxy

    MrWhiteFoxy New Member

    Does anyone know of a good waterblock for the Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME card? I kinda boned myself by getting a non-reference 1080 so I would appreciate it if someone knows of a waterblock that is compatible with what I have.


  2. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member

    Hey! Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately it seems that there are no full-cover waterblocks available for these cards. You might have luck with a waterblock solely made to cool the GPU (like EK-VGA Supremace), but you have to make sure to cool the remaining parts like the memory chips and MOSFET's by other means (passive heatsinks probably).

    I guess you are looking (or were looking, your post ist quite old as I've noticed just now) for a full-cover solution though, which would be preferable.

  3. lordraptor1

    lordraptor1 New Member

    the gigabyte 1080Ti aorus extreme gpu came in 2 versions, one was a block with 120 rad, the other was a full cover block made by EKWB, I recommend look for an EK block as getting the actual aorus waterblock in my experience is a no go as you cant find them sold seperatley. however since you didn't specify if it was a TI I again would recommend look at ekwb to see if they make one other than that I don't think you are going to have much luck

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