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I don't understand a few things of his fitting guide video

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Yoshimitsu New Member


    This is my first post in this forum, but i've been a fan for a few years now of Singularity Computers builds. So pardon me in case i started this thread in the wrong section of the forum. :)

    Anyway, now it is my turn to make a hard tube build. The hard part is, to buy the right amount of fittings, so i took one of his videos as a guideline.

    But there are some things i can't quite grasp.

    At minute 19.50 in the video, he explains that the smallest measurement gap between fittings is 5mm (for example 10mm, 15 mm and 20 mm extension fittings) And therefore he uses double male fittings (which measure 2.5mm according to him) when there is a difference in height of 2.5. Coupled with a double female thread G1/4 extension fitting. These here: https://imgur.com/a/YdVGw

    The thing i don't understand is how he comes up with 2.5 mm if that double male fitting actually measures 5 mm and the double female thread extension 10 mm. There are no 2.5 mm long fittings. Which is only logical because 2.5 mm would make the material far too weak.

    Can someone explain to me how he comes up with that measurement?

    Should i still buy them, considering that 15mm extension fittings exist? If yes, how many of each? He doesn't mention the quantity.

    I am going to install 3 water blocks, 3 radiators, 1 valve to empty the loop, 1 res and 1 pump.

    The other thing i don't quite grasp is at, minute 15,35 he talks about D-Plugs, that he uses them connected to a release valve, in order to be able to rotate the valve or when you have a fixed length between 2 connections.

    I am not going to buy from Bitspower, but Barrow instead. Barrow has a rotatory male to male fittings (picture in the attachments). Would they be a valid alternative to rotate the valve right? And just buy some more telescopic fittings in case i have a fixed length?

    Thanks a lot and kind regards

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  2. NG_F

    NG_F New Member

    He made a mistake. I use those Male to male fittings and they are indeed 5mm. I just double checked with my Igaging digital calipers.

    Re: the D-plugs. Most fittings you'll be at the mercy of where your snug fit will end up in rotation. Also as he states that the top res config wouldn't be possible bc he's limited to the stationary seating of the bottom res and the top of the case. Soo the Dplugs allow a connection without threads being a limiting/controlling factor. You can connect without being at an angle or position that is not favourable/desired. ...Cheers Yoshi !!

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