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EVGA PSU cable sleeving

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by steve22256, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. steve22256

    steve22256 New Member

    Has anyone had experience with sleeving EVGA 1200W P2 PSU cable with in-line capacitors? Is it safe to remove these? Not confident enough to build from scratch yet! Would appear to be a royal pain to have to sleeve these as is without removing or trying to relocate the capacitors.
  2. lordraptor1

    lordraptor1 New Member

    sorry friends don't let friends by evga products. if you happen to have any old lifetime warranty products I recommend you monitor your registered ones, they manipulated my product page to avoid honoring the lifetime warranty on my products. that, along with how when I call support I get the impression they are trying to get me off the phone in 10 minutes or less I will NEVER EVER buy another evga product and that is coming from someone whom has had 680i, 780i, x58 classified 3 8800 GTS 640, 9800gtx's 560 Ti's and a hose of other cards in multi gpu configs ( tri-sli on 9800 gtx and later cards).

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