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Custom Wiring

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by John Klein, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. John Klein

    John Klein New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm going to be building a custom computer in the next few months. It will be a 3 part project. First part will be to build the initial rig.

    The case will be an AZZA Storm Series CSAZ-6000RGB/B Black SECC ATX Full Tower Computer Case with 4 Hurricane RGB fans it will focus around a Ryzen 1800X.

    Anyway I want to do custom cabling as part of the over all build. So my question is this...instead of buying connectors for the custom wires can you just remove the pins and use the connectors that came with your psu?
  2. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    I'm uncertain what you mean by custom cables. I'll just assume you want to modify the lengths and maybe apply sleeve.
    • You can take apart the cables from the PSU and re-use the wire and the connector housings if you want, but you need an extraction tool for this. If you cut the cables you will have to crimp on new terminals on one side, which requires a crimping tool and terminals.
    • If you only want to sleeve the stock PSU cables, you can just grab an extraction tool, remove a wire, sleeve it and put it back into it's housing.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. Fabrizio Giannone

    Fabrizio Giannone New Member

    Sleeving my not complete modular PSU, any suggestions on a good way to bind sleeves to wire inside the power supply? Long heatshrinks are enought?
  4. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member


    I think heatshrink will suffice if you use (you should) at least one cable tie inside the PSU, which will prevent the sleeving from moving furthermore and provide a clean bundle to the outside. Depending on how big the cutout is, it could become very tight with the additional space the sleeving will take. In that case it's unlikely the sleeving will move at all.

  5. Fabrizio Giannone

    Fabrizio Giannone New Member

    Thanks...I was thinking to use a cable tie inside the PSU...so I wasn't that far to the best solution! ;)

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