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costum loop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by technoboy, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. technoboy

    technoboy New Member

    hello there ; ) im kinda new here but im watching all videos on yt about ur work. I got one big problem. cuz i see u doing single loop few times with 2 gpu cooling and seeing ur temps is amazing. cuz i cant even cool down one gpu
    thats my loop and pls tell me what is my probllem with it.
    without gpu cpu max 65C
    with gpu and case close cpu 80c gpu 57c
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    parts are 9900k 5.2ghz at the moment
    maximus XI formula
    gpu 1080ti asus strix oc
    watercool parts are all from EK
    2 radiators one 360 with 40mm and one 360 with 30mm
    fans are corsair LL120 x6
  2. technoboy

    technoboy New Member

    ah and pomp is dual revo d5 so there is 2 pomps
  3. lordraptor1

    lordraptor1 New Member

    temps fine when case side is open but bad when closed up? sounds like not enough hot air getting out of the case to me, yes there is hot air in the case with the hot air off the front rad exhausting into the case, also I would assumei that is a mid tower case? I NEVER use a mid tower case for anything anymore, I find space cramped and any airflow that might help cooling gets worse the more you add in it. factor this in, front rad exhausts hot air right onto your rezzie warming your coolant and blocking airflow, you have the top rad and rear case fan for exhaust but with you have to contend with the front rad dumping heat into a small space which will make case innards overall warmer, next ( and this is just my opinion) it isn't just gpu/cpu/vregs, in your loop with heat, you also have the rezzie which is getting heat off the front rad exhaust. as the fans are right in front of it. only thing I could suggest would be to try moving the front rad fans to the opposite side of the rad to give more space between the rezzie and front rad exhaust

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