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[Build Log] Singularity Cases Spectre [SUPERUNICUM]

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by bolagnaise, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. bolagnaise

    bolagnaise New Member

    I’ve never done a build log before. Usually I just build rigs and never show anyone, but when the case is $1400AUD shipped I guess I should epeen about it with someone.


    I have decided on a purple , white and black theme. The name of this build be called SUPERUNICUM, a world of Tanks reference (I’m a former pro WoT player)

    Parts List Purchased and waiting for case to arrive in approx 3-4 weeks.

    Main items

    Singularity Cases Spectre Black (proof https://imgur.com/a/YezjA )

    GTX 1080ti FE

    8700k (delidded with conductonaut) https://i.imgur.com/uQZM0rb.jpg

    Maximus Hero X https://i.imgur.com/Vqg3bBH.jpg?1

    32GB Gskill DDR4 3000Mhz Trident Z RGB https://i.imgur.com/PAi1FFy.jpg

    Samsung 960 Pro 500Gb m.2 https://i.imgur.com/uspTmye.jpg?1

    Samsung 750Gb 840 Pro SSD

    CABLEMOD PRO Cable set WHITE https://i.imgur.com/qv0KWR4.jpg

    Corsair 1200AXi PSU


    Bitspower fittings 16mm https://imgur.com/a/cm7SA (a lot)

    Bitspower MonoBlock ARMXH RGB-Nickel

    Bitspower Leviathan Xtreme 360 Radiator x 2

    Bitspower 16mm Acyrlic

    EK Waterblocks EK-FC Nvidia GTX FE RGB Nickel GPU Waterblock

    EK PLEXI FC Terminal

    PrimoChill VUE 2L Candy Purple (still undecided on using this after all horror stories)

    Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-P Bionic fan 120MM x 6

    SIngularity computers Protium Res 200mm with 2 x 4port cap ends

    Thermaltake Temp Sensor https://i.imgur.com/GfQwiZo.jpg

    Thermaltake Hard Tube bend kit https://i.imgur.com/rIRuZAF.jpg?1

    ThermalGrizzly conductanaut and Kryonaut https://i.imgur.com/RbdXSpk.jpg


    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
  2. bolagnaise

    bolagnaise New Member

    LOL at Thermaltake Sensor ''COOPER DESIGN''
  3. bolagnaise

    bolagnaise New Member

    Some Parts from BITSPOWER have arrived
  4. bolagnaise

    bolagnaise New Member

    Singularity computers sent me some of my order, unfortunately the aquacomputer D5 and splitty weren't in stock so im going to reuse a D5 PWM from an EK res combo unit i have.

    This is the SC res, as you can see i replaced the 2 port end (behind the res) with an additional 4 port quad end

    Added SC Res mounts to it

    Did a quick Led test/visual check on how it would look

    Finally added the SC mounting brackets to check fitment, the plan is to use these brackets to mount the res below the GPU, im considering putting a glass UV light inside the res as well.
  5. Graham

    Graham New Member

    nice clear pic. can't wait to see more
  6. Henry Tates

    Henry Tates New Member

    Always nice to see a buildlog.

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