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XSPC D5 Vario fit with Protium D5 pump top

Discussion in 'SC Product Support' started by greasy, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. greasy

    greasy New Member

    More of a heads up than anything, but wanted folks to know in case they were thinking of combining these products.
    The XSPC D5 Vario pump does not fit in the pump cavity for the Protium pump top. Its just sliiiightly too big. I've looked up the Performance PCs video on assembling these tops, and their pump slid right into the cavity. I find it odd, since I assumed any D5 would fit. I can provide the product number if anyone is interested. Might be good to include this in any future compatibility info.
    Thanks much.
  2. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for this information, we're sorry that this happened and will review that issue.
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  3. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member

    Can you please provide me (private message) with your email-address? You'll be contacted directly then.

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