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Thermaltake View 71 TG Build Noctua Themed

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Marko911, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Marko911

    Marko911 New Member

    Hi,so I'm in process of building a x299 rig with i9 7900x with 32gb of ram G.skil 3200mhz ,1080ti with Rampage VI extreme mobo.All watercooled ,all EK GPU and monoblock with all hardware labs rads,3 of them,one on top 420/60mm SR2-push/pull config fan,on front GTS 360mm/30mm-push/pull,side SR2 360mm/60mm-push only.PSU Corsair RM1000i with custom cabels .Fans are controlled mit Grid+ V2
    I decided against dual D5 pump in one loop,so there will be only one SC res/top pump combo with bitspower d5 pump cover.
    Also tubing will be brass tubing 16mm OD with EK fittings HDC 16mm OD Nickel.
    But I'm curently stuck at tube planning....Has anyone any idea how to connect all of these components and rads?or would even one d5 pump be enoguh for this? I'm thinking it could,cuz these rads are low restriction...I have ample space in my case.I also elevated top rad so I could do push pull config.
    I was thinking pump>cpu>top rad>gpu>front rad>side rad>Reservoir at the top or D5 pump top inlet port

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