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Show off your setup!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Febby, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Febby

    Febby Administrator Staff Member

    Here you can show off your latest or old setup.
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  2. TAZTG

    TAZTG New Member

  3. Huskybongs

    Huskybongs New Member

    My upcoming setup:)

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  4. Friction

    Friction New Member

    This is my shitty setup. Won't be changing unless I find better accommodation.

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  5. Stephen Mullins

    Stephen Mullins New Member

    Here's a link to an Imgur album of my current build:

  6. Fabrizio Giannone

    Fabrizio Giannone New Member


    Working on this ugly setup till my custom water cooled rig is ready...
  7. billstelling

    billstelling New Member

  8. Sergey Bezruk

    Sergey Bezruk New Member

    my Russian bild its old i create new when finish maybe post it

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  9. wired

    wired New Member

  10. Sergey Bezruk

    Sergey Bezruk New Member

    try do same as singularity))

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    GEPLAYER New Member

    Heres my latest setup. Using the SC 16mm tube and reservoir mounts. Very happy with how things turned out. Though I wish the UV ice-blue coolant was more visible. I have put nearly a whole bottle in the loop and have 2 darkside UV strips. Nonetheless it still looks good I think.

  12. Jchris

    Jchris New Member

    6BF2B538-E2F9-4577-BF61-6E3827FBF4C5.jpeg And it begins

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