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RAM Compatibility: X99 w/ 2800 MHz

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by DonKikosi, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. DonKikosi

    DonKikosi New Member

    Hello everyone
    I've read that the 2011 v3 socket does only support RAM up to 2133 MHz
    Now i am thinking about getting this motherboard:

    -(Asrock X99 OC Formula)

    I am thinking about using the following memory:
    -(GSkill F4 2800 32GB)

    Its running at 2800 MHz thus the following question:
    Will the motherboard accept the memory at this speed? Or will it throttle down to said 2133 MHz?

    Thanks for any answer this is the only thing (so far) i am not sure with
  2. mcl40000

    mcl40000 New Member

    your mainboard supports speeds up to 3400 mhz but ultimately it comes down to your cpu and its own memory controller!
  3. Enderman

    Enderman New Member

    That X99 motherboard supports RAM up to 3400MHz. Your ram is 2800MHz and compatible with that motherboard.

    What you mean by "2011v3 only supports up to 2133MHz" is that the CPUs for X99 (5820k 5930k 5960x) are only rated at up to 2133MHz.

    That's the maximum speed those CPUs are rated for but by overclocking you can go above that as long as the motherboard support it which in your case it does.

    So the final answer is yes your RAM will work at 2800MHz as long as you enable the XMP profile in the motherboard UEFI :)

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