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Protium Reservoir mit D5 pump top leaking

Discussion in 'SC Product Support' started by Marko911, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Marko911

    Marko911 New Member

    Hi, today I had very unpleasant suprise when I noticed that SC protium res/D5 top hat leaked.I dont get it!How's that possible? I did recived my package in pristine condition,but this just isn't water sealed product.and more importantly what can I do?Has anyone any advice?
  2. Febby

    Febby Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @Marko911 Thank you for your purchased and we're sorry to hear that. Could you please send us an email (to:support@singularitycomputers.com or use our contact form on our site) with photos and we will get you taken care of :)

  3. Marko911

    Marko911 New Member

    Thanks,I already did that.Sven helped me. :)

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