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Protium D5 Pump compatibility

Discussion in 'SC Product Support' started by Xyn, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Xyn

    Xyn New Member

    The Protium reservoir pump combo does look amazing, so I'm strongly considering it. The only reason I wouldn't would be that it's made of acrylic rather than borosilicate glass, but I'm starting to not really care as I read a build log using the Aquacomputer reservoirs that showed they weren't cut squarely.

    I've got a CaseLabs THW10 assembled for my case; it's all I have of the build at present, this will be a piece by piece thing probably over the next year, as I'm hoping I can wait it out until we get new architecture graphics cards and CPU's, with the main reason being that I probably just won't have the extra money set aside until then as this will be a very expensive build.

    It's also going to be my first water-cooled build. I've always planned for the Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 to be the "brain" of the build, to control all the fans on curves, monitor temperatures, etc.

    For now I have three questions:
    1. Is that Protium D5 pump cover compatible with the Aquacomputer D5 pump with Aquabus interface? It looks like it would fit on there, but I was concerned if I'd be able to use the Aquabus connector under the cap. If not, what would I be losing using a PWM pump instead?
    2. For the THW10, I got the dual reservoir mounting plate. Measuring it, it seems to be about 9.75" high, so I'm trying to figure out the largest size reservoir I can appropriately fit on there (I realize it may stick out some above or below). I saw one of Daniel's videos (Diablo build part one I think) where he was using the THW10 and mounting two of the Protium combos (I think the 250mm ones, which should be about two inches too tall to fit by my measurements) on that plate, but the plate was custom painted, I'm not sure if it was a standard plate or a custom made one.
    3. What additional hardware (if any) would I need to mount two of these Protium combos on the reservoir plate in the THW10?

  2. anub1s21

    anub1s21 New Member

    Hi, i'm seconding the first question.

    using a Aquacomputer D5 pump with USB/aquabus, wile the wire is ofc no issue is there enough clearance between the cap and the pump for a internal usb connector to fit? or would i have to get another pump/mawl the cap with a dremel.


    with a cable attached to the connector they stick out quite a bit from the back of the pump is why i'm and most like the op's worried. it's currently nessled deep within my case near the bottom so it's hard to measure but seems with a usb connector alone it's around 11-12mm longer then the back the pump, probably add 1-2 more mm ontop of that to allow the cables to do a 90 to the hole's so the cap doesn't end up cut them off...

    it's the only D5 i've ever had so i cant really compare the size of the connectors vs the speed dial found on a lot of D5's
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
  3. AkiraPilot

    AkiraPilot New Member

    Are there any other pumps besides the protium D5 which work with the Protium reseevior? I just sprung a leak with my alphacool vp665 and if I over tighten it, the motor will not spin.
  4. Xyn

    Xyn New Member

    Any standard D5 should work. For the longest time there was no Protium D5, they only sold the AquaComputer one the best I can recall. I'm not familiar with any pumps but AquaComputer's really as I use the Aquaero.

    But Daniel has done multiple builds with EK and Bitspower pumps in Protium reservoir combos so I'm not sure why you've had problems.
  5. AkiraPilot

    AkiraPilot New Member

    I do not know either. I loosened the pump top ring just a tad and it leaked. But if this is supposed to take any D5, why is mine not spinning when I tighten the ring? Any suggestions?
  6. Xyn

    Xyn New Member

    Not sure. For the leak, maybe a bad gasket or O ring? I don't have my Protium stuff yet, I ordered a lot of watercooling stuff from Performance PCs over Black Friday weekend, and it's being held while they order some of the Protium stuff in particular because they only order it (ethereal mounts I think) on an as needed basis.

    I recommend contacting support directly. As you can see I started this thread in July and nobody from SC has responded.

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