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Normal fans on slim radiators?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Lightningblade, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Lightningblade

    Lightningblade New Member

    Hello guys!

    I wanted to ask a question that I struggle with since I have never water cooled before.

    I want to build 2 custom water cooling loops in the Corsair 570X.

    Since there are already some normal RGB LED fans* from Corsair in the case, and since there are no (are there none?) ML RGB LED fans or in general PWM RGB LED fans, can I use the normal fans for cooling the radiators and without my coolant going over like 45°C and without extreme amount of noise?

    Since the case is not that big I'll have to use slim radiators, so what density of fin arrays (or what radiator) would you recommend for that build if its possible.

    Also, is there maybe a formula to calculate the heat dissipation (Volume Air/time * surface area of radiator * material constant or smth) and a formula for PWM vs radiator density?

    Thanks in advance!


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