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Need some help with my custom loop

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Kosix, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Kosix

    Kosix New Member


    i am planing a new System in an custom case(Wood case) with a custem loop and I need some help with the position of the fill an the drain port.

    The custom case will mountet under my desk plate. I incude some pictures with drawings. The dimensions probably will change a litte in the final build.

    For reservoir and pump I want to use Protium (200mm or 250mm) and DDC Mod kit.

    Not sure if I shoud mounte the reservoir on the radiatorsor on the mounting plate.

    Back to my question. Where shoud I put the drain and fill port.

    My idea for the fill port is in the corner between the radiators.

    For the drain port i woude drill a holl an put it between the mounting plate an the bootem plate of the case.

    Thanks for all replys

  2. freeq

    freeq Administrator Staff Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    I think it would be a good idea to either tilt the pump and reservoir config or mount the pump individually in a lower position than the reservoir, so gravity can push the coolant from the reservoir into the pump inlet. If the coolant level in the reservoir is high enough, horizontal mounting should be possible as well. Just make sure the pump does not run dry at any point.

    You can place the drain port everywhere you like, preferably somewhere lower as the rest of the loop to make a complete drain easier. So maybe you want to choose the most convenient spot on the bottom of your outer wooden casing.

    Do you want to have the fill port accessable from the top surface of your desk? You should put this as high as possible and connect it to the reservoir, so gravity will help you filling the loop.

    That's a nice project. I hope this was any help to you.

  3. Kosix

    Kosix New Member

    Thanks for the reply freeq.

    The idea with the tilt is nice. I think about build a little ramp where I can mount the reservoir pump config on.

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