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my first liquid cooled build inspired by client build 21

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Lakeland, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Lakeland

    Lakeland New Member

    Actually this case is a few months old now. I originally had Mayhems pastel white dyed coolant but didn't really feel it suited the build. A small dribbling leak (caused by knocking the graphics card as I reseated DRAM) neccesitated a rebuild unfortunately I didn't notice the tubing wasn't straight until I added the dye (which sadly does not match the cable sleeving) I still need to find a way to control the pump flow from the motherboard software. A non PWM pump proved faulty so the new tubing can wait until the next rebuild. In the meantime I've obtained a slightly neglected Danger Den Torture Rack so I can test components beforehand. I didn't allow for the thickness of the acrylic case and have no suitable bolts to mount the fans and radiators (need around 40mm M4 button heads Febby & Daniel please) I also dabbled with a Dark Base PRO 900 for a EATX build but couldn't bring myself to appreciate this case. I gave it to a friend and it promptly tried to burn his house down when the fan controller self emolated! I then bought an InWin 509 which is another gorgeous  enclosure but poses challenges which are beyond my ability to resolve. The long awaited Hex Gear R80 appeared just before Christmas and so I rushed in an order ($400 just for shipping) I stayed up all night building the case only to discover a few small but vital components had been omitted ~ 10 weeks later and the long overdue parts arrived today. The case is much more water cooling friendly than the InWin although I should alert others who may wish to mount thicker radiators that-clearance is limited if your motherboard has a shroud over the I/O. I'm using the standard layout possibly inverted builds will not encounter this issue. It is an absolutely stunning enclosure and a pleasure to work with. It will probably weigh in at over 30kg with a full build. I guess my choices now are use my 1080 GTX or wait for the ti

    Good to meet you all
  2. Looks really great mate and thank you for the detailed breakdown and looking forward for more of your work :)

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