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Liquid Coooled Work Staion

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by alnasaa.w, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. alnasaa.w

    alnasaa.w New Member


    I have a Corsair Obsidian 900D Case. I am building a workstation So i cant remove drive bays. However I need the Dual Reservoirs like in the one of the builds you. where the 90 degree plate was made to be placed on the cages. I can change the case to another anything available on :



    As you can tell I live in Jordan so getting parts in is a nightmare.

    System specs to be built:

    Asus Deluxe II

    Intel  I7 6950X

    Corsair128 GB Dominator Pro

    Corsair AX1500i

    2x ASUS ROG Strix 1080

    I would like to have to use Hard tubing as well as block components for the GPUs. Im going with mainly white or blue sleeved cables. Any recommendation a on  brand regarding the dyes.

    Thanks for any help in advance much appreciated.

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