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I ordered the wrong components for a "D5 Pump and Res" combo

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ses, May 20, 2017.

  1. ses

    ses New Member


    For a new build I figured I'd go with an EK D5 pump a 250 mm Protium res and for some reason I ordered a Protium DDC Mod Kit.

    Since those components do not really make up a useful combo I figured I'd better ask here and get the names of the correct parts to use as I feel kind of silly right now.

    So as of now I have these parts:


    1 * Singularity Computers D5 & DDC Pump Mount

    1 * Singularity Computers Protium Reservoir - 250mm / Large

    1 * Singularity Computers Protium DDC Mod Kit (Top + Heatsink)


    I figured I would build something which resembles the Pump and res as seen in the Radium videos on Youtube.

    I pretty sure I do not need the DDC Mod Kit but I'm not sure whether I need the "Singularity Computers Protium D5 Pump Top" and the "Singularity Computers Protium D5 Cover" to build a successful Pump and res combo.

    I'm hoping that someone can tell me which parts I'm missing as the build is at a terrible stand still at the moment =)


    The parts were purchased at the retailer "highflow.nl".


    The products look a feel awesome.

    I'm really looking forward to getting further along with the build :D


  2. daniel

    daniel Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your purchase.
    It depends on which pump you are using. If you are using the DDC pump then you have purchased correctly. If you are using the D5 pump then you will need the following:
    Protium Reservoir.
    Protium D5 Pump Top.
    Protium D5 Pump Cover.
    Let me know which pump you are using and I will help you with exactly what to purchase and to possibly swap the items you have too if you need to do that.
  3. ses

    ses New Member

    Hi Daniel

    I have an EK D5-PWM G2 pump not the DDC one. I must have been half-asleep when ordering.. I'll go ahead and order the correct pump top and cover from highflow.

    I live in Europe so it made sense ordering from them :)


    Thank you so much for your quick response.




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