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Hi I'm new Here

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Graham, May 22, 2018.


could you be so kind and comment on my stainless steel build

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  1. Graham

    Graham New Member

    hi I'm new here my name is graham.
    been watercooling since 2004 ish. also in to Hackintosh builds I would be great full if you all could take a glance at my latest Hackintosh. its a bit different in that I have used 16mm 316 great stainless steel.
    all comments great full received 27500436_1976000135749705_3084463572251033644_o.jpg 27503643_1975998645749854_3427824313972219064_o.jpg 27503998_1975999235749795_7108028006580341827_o.jpg 27503998_1975999235749795_7108028006580341827_o.jpg

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