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Hello can somwone guide me please

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by redserv, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. redserv

    redserv New Member

    Hi guys for the next couple of months i will be building my new gaming pc. I already got most of the parts. Today i need some advice about modding my Phantek Enthoo Primo white build. I have removed the HDD cages and front panel as i would like to show off all my hardware that includes a hard tubing watercooled loop. Now that i have removed the the cages and front panel the case is abit woobly and will like to find out how i can make the case stronger I have attached a pic showing the area that i will to make stronger maybe with Arcylic or metal sheets. Let me know what you guys think is best. Happy new year all I am happy to be here for my build.
  2. John

    John New Member

    Hi. Extremly late reply I see but hey better late than sorry :D

    Have the same case myself and did run into the same problem you did. And I have tryed god knows how many different options and at the same time make it look nice. One of the things I tryed and looked "ok" is to use 2 parts of 5mm acrylic with a custom ingraving ( if that is the correct word since english is not my main language ) with a custom logo and light it from the side behind the mobo stand. You have to clue it with some superglue to the front panel and the looks is ... yea well. thank god for paint :D


    But to be honest. Your best best is to make a new mobo stand just make the total lenght of the case and hight ofc. Not hard to do it out of 14 mm alu panel if you just take your time and be patient. First time I did any metal job and to be honest. Turned out great after it was painted

    But anyhow if you by now have sorted it out or not. Have fun mooding :)

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