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Hard tubing choices - PETG or Acrylic - any why use a meat syringe for filling?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cameron, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. cameron

    cameron New Member

    I have just purchased a Protium Res and mounts for it, for my Fractal Define S build (LOVE this case).

    I have figured out precisely how I want the tubing runs to go, and am looking forward to ripping the case apart and giving it a custom paint job (just not sure on the colours I will use yet).

    The only things left (once the res etc arrive) are the cables and the tubing. I am definitely going hard tubing, and have seen several videos (from Jayz 2 cents et al) on some of the differences between PETG and Acrylic. Whilst on the back of these I am leaning towards PETG, I was hoping to get some feed back from someone like Daniel (with all his years of experience) in what he prefers to use, why and whether the tests shown by Jayz (and others) are actually a valid reason to not use acrylic for tubing (he uses the examples of acrylic snapping easily and breaking easily with a hammer. I question these tests because I don't go hammering on the tubes or applying pressure on the bends in directions that they are not meant to go).

    The other question I have (which is more of an aside than anything else) is why do you use a syringe for filling your res for the first cycle of the filling? I figure it is probably to avoid air locks, but surely you could achieve the same result simply by removing a stop plug from the top of the res (you generally have 3 there anyway)?

    Look forward to reading your responses, and LOVE the videos. The community needs more information on how some mods are performed - and you really go to the next level.
  2. cameron

    cameron New Member

    Is there no mechanism for editing posts? Odd. Can a mod please make this topic non-private? I set it to private so that I could sort out the profile naming (thinking that I could edit the post and make it non-private later)- which I have now done but can't edit the post. Sorry for inconvenience.

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