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First Pc Build vlog

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by NIneEagels, May 12, 2017.

  1. NIneEagels

    NIneEagels New Member

    Hello everyone!

    So this is the first pc that I have ever built (sort of). I first got the parts for the pc about a year ago but have slightly modified it since and have added onto it. I'll just share the things I have done so far and hopefully also the future upgrades it will get.

    Since I don't exactly have very high performance demands the parts are not actually very good and I have rather been cocnentrating on the aesthetics of the build. I have had my eyes on mdpcx grand bleu sleeve for a while which I think looks absolutely gorgeus which is why I based the colour scheme around that. So anyways here is the partslist:

    CPU: Intel Core i5 4690
    Cooler: Stock... (I know...)
    RAM: HyperX Fury DDR3 2x8Gb 1866Mhz
    Motherboard: MSI H97m-G43
    GPU: EVGA 750ti FTW
    PSU: EVGA 650G (G1 Model I think)
    SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb
    HDD: WD Green 1.5Tb
    Case: Fractal Design Arc Mini R2
    Some random Optical drive
    OS: Windows 10 Home
    Mouse. Rapoo V900
    Mouse Mat: Corsair MM200
    Keyboard: Sharkoon Skiller Pro
    Monitor: Asus VC239 24" IPS overclocked to 72Hz

    Didn'r run into any major issues while building excep for Windows refusing to isntall off the Optical drive so I had to do it over USB. A very enjoyable experiences building your first pc even though i rushed it a little and didn't take my time and enjoy it as much as i could have. Played around with overclocking the gpu a little which went alright. i got about another 105MHz with an extra 12mV. Had to ramp the fans up to 60% though. But since they never go below 42% anyways the difference is hardly audible. Sadly I get random crashes sometimes eventhough I am not doing any demanding tasks.

    Soon realised I needed neither the HDD nor the Optical drive so I removed them both moved the SSD to the back and made a psu(wiring cover from white acrylic. Turned out allright for the first try with the measurements mostly being on point. Decided to screw it into the holes for the HDD and Optical cage so I used those screws. The paint job was absolutely horrible! about 0.5cm of white paint on the acrylic easily scratched off.. Cutouts also looked horrible so I decided not to use that piece.

    2nd try went a lot better decided to do two seperate pieces: psu shroud and cabling panel. Paint jobs were a lot better though far from perfect but alright for an amateur. Also used this opportunity to make a gpu backplate. The backplate and psu shroud only sit in place while the cabling cover is screwed in to the motherboard tray and front panel. Also painted one of the pci-e covers.

    Soon after I also made custom cables which went pretty good for my first time although I had trouble fitting all the cables through the hole next to the psu. as well as making the SATA-cable  due to wrong pin orientations on the sata. Used mdpcx (of course) with the colours black natural white and grand bleu. 1.5mm² wire which is even thicker than 16awg. Since I thought that the cable combs were pretty expensive i decided to make my own out of acrylic. Not looking perfect and I should probably paint them but they work. Absolutely love the Nylon Flat-Snap Clamps from Icemodz for when the cables orientations aren't permanent and you don't want to drill into the case. Due to the tight bend of the 24pin behind the cabling panel neither the original adhesive nor some super-strong-stuff were able to hold the cable-clamp to the motherboard I had to create an acrylic piece screwed into the acrylic-panel to keep it in place. Also some thicker (but ugly) cables combs where the 24-pin wires cross inorder to keep the crossing area very small. Also sleeved all the fan and front-panel cables. Sadly I broke one of the pins from the fan splitter and sincme i don't have any male fan pins I have to leave the fan unplugged until I get some. At least this means I don't have negative pressure...Also drilled into the psu-shroud so that the gpu-cables could fit right through which I think makes it look very clean.

    And since I went this far I also modified the stock side panel window. I enlarged it and bolted the tinted piece of acrylic onto it. Might switch to a clear acrylic version not sure if I like the tint. and I also went ahead and got two bitfenix

    alchemy 2.0 white 12cm LED strips.




    As for future plans I want to redo the cabling-cover to have a little more room for cabling behind. I also don't quite like the bend radius of the 24-pin so I'll have to figure out a way to bend it tighter. This is made difficult by the stupid cutout-locations on the arc mini-r2 which by no means align with the 24-pin plug on the motherboard. And obviously I will someday make a custom loop (don't know whether I will overclock yet but probably) which will obviously be using a Protium reservoir-d5-combo and an ethereal mount. Have it all planned out but it's a little expensive for me atm at 2280€ for the whole thing (including upgraded mobo cpu 2x1070s). Desperate to find a dark-blue coolant-dye to match the grand bleu though eversince mayhems deep blue dye is no longer purchasable.

    Thank you for reading this far and hope you have enjoyed. Sadly I can't add a lot of pictures due to MB restriction.

    Feel free to leave any suggestions and/or tips. And I hope the stock cooler didn't trigger anyone too bad...
  2. NIneEagels

    NIneEagels New Member

    Sorry for all the typos!!!!
  3. Lakeland

    Lakeland New Member

    Nice build I've always been a fan of MATX motherboards. Love the custom PSU shroud paint & cabling ~ a pump/reservoir combo will fill it out perfectly. I'm not familiar with your enclosure. Will it take a 360mm radiator in the front?
  4. NIneEagels

    NIneEagels New Member

    No it will not at least not without permanent casemods which I am trying to avoid. However even if I would mod the case so that it fits it would probably interfere with the top 360 rad... Thank you for the suggestion and the feedback though!

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