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First Client build - Preview

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Manu, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Manu

    Manu New Member

    Hi all,

    Here are the first pictures of my very first client build.
    More pictures and info about the hardware will follow soon!
    Any comment, feedback, etc are welcome... :)

    Greetz, Manuel

    IMG_0005[1].JPG IMG_0006[1].JPG IMG_0007[1].JPG IMG_0008[1].JPG IMG_0009[1].JPG
  2. z31drifter

    z31drifter New Member

    EK TR4?
  3. Manu

    Manu New Member

    No, it's a EK-FB MSI Z270 GAMING RGB Monoblock - Nickel

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