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Ethereal and Core Dimensions

Discussion in 'SC Product Support' started by NeoNorm, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. NeoNorm

    NeoNorm New Member

    After making a mistake in calculating space available between a front mounted radiator and graphics card I am looking for a replacement mount for my radiator. In order to not make the same mistake I was hoping to find some dimensions for both the Ethereal and Core Single mounts. I specifically need the distance from the mounting surface (aka radiator) to the edge of the reservoir tube. Possibly including the posts of the Core if they are farther than the tube would sit.

    Where can I find or get the dimensions for these mounts so that I can see if it will fit? Thanks in advance.
  2. anub1s21

    anub1s21 New Member

    have 1 Ethereal V3, the distance from the radiator to the reservoir tube seems to be 8.5cm (to the mounts rim is 9cm).

    got the Ethereal Mount because the EKWB mount just pushed the pump/reservoir out a bit further then i anticipated, got it to work but not as i intended so eventually got the Ethereal mount. overal the difference is about 5mm which for me was the difference between the pump having to be above the psu shroud and also have the reservoir almost touch my gpu and it missing the shroud and being able to mount it lower so the pump essentially sits below the psu shroud.

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