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Deskbuild "Lost"

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Henry Tates, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Henry Tates

    Henry Tates New Member

    Yes lost must a person be when start on a project like this.
    This build is ment to be for myself.

    A desk for working on.
    Desk is made of aluminium 2mm,
    Size: 2000 x 900 x 250mm
    Cover 10 mm diamant glass panel "38 kg "
    Asus rampage 5 Extreme;
    I7 58... cpu;
    Corsair Domniator Platinum 64 Gb kit
    2 x Bitspower double pomp setups
    4 x Bitspower multi reservoirs with my own custom made standards;
    1 x PSU Lepa G1600 "because i burnt one Thermaltake 1200"grrr;
    1 x Asus GTX 1080 Ti 11gb with EK waterblock
    2 x Aquaro's 6 XT's;
    2 x Alphacool 560 rads XT45;
    8 x Thermaltake 140mm bleu led fans;
    6 x Thermaltake 120mm bleu led fans.

    A- server side "i fill that in later with the specs:

    Under the desk are:
    - 2 x Caselabs TH-10 pedestels.
    containing each:
    - 2 x Alphacool 560 XT rads;
    - 16 x Thermaltake 140mm bleu led fans
    - 1 x Aquero 6 Pro

    The build already started in may-2015 and is still under construction. 90% finished.
  2. Henry Tates

    Henry Tates New Member

    The thougts where to build my own deskbuild that was going to be scheaper then the redharbinger desk.
    Ha ha i dont count all the parts i get any more because i am already over the original price of that desk.

    So it started with a few drawings and a first trip to the local building market.


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