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Be quiet 900 pro case holds a party and Asus, Msi, and a cast of 1000 attend.

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by miller330i, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. miller330i

    miller330i New Member

    Hi all!

    I am having some design issues and I thought I would open this up to the building community. I get one shot at this in the next 3 or so years so what you see is what you get. I have 2 top rads I could go with one is a cross flow from Hardware labs  a 360 GTS Nemesis and the other in the picture is a 360 Black ice SR2 multi-port also Hardware Labs. The rads have been flipped from the time I took the pic. I was hoping to get some input as to routing and fittings you all would use. I work nights have new twins and the kitchen table has been occupied for too long as I do not have a workshop. My lovely wife is losing her patience and I cannot blame her. Please help as the life you save might be mine. I planned on using 16mm hard tubing and the fittings there are just so you can see where the inlet/outlet holes are.Thanks!
  2. miller330i

    miller330i New Member

    New pic
  3. miller330i

    miller330i New Member

    another pic
  4. Lakeland

    Lakeland New Member

    Hey Miller

    I'm impressed with how well you've managed to conceal the cabling in such an open enclosure. I'm guessing you've probably completed the build by now but my only observation is that the front rad will be tricky to drain unless you're prepared to do some heavy lifting. I owned the same enclosure for a while and my friends and I eventually realised it was cursed. I just felt that they'd tried too hard to include innovations that had not been entirely thought through. I'm hoping you never removed the motherboard tray and tied to build in it outside the case as it was just too flimsy and difficult to re insert back into place I lost a screw. for the adjustable grilles in the channels at the side of the case and I was getting ready to take an angle grinder to free it!.  The case definitely has potential the included fans certainly lived up the their name but removing the hard drive cages left an unsightly void that you've managed to use to your advantage with that lovely pump/ reservoir. I'd love to see some images of your finished system as I abandoned the case many months ago and the mate I gave it to is struggling to make any progress with it. It sits high on a shelf daring us to take it on again and wrestle some sort of system into it.


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