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Aviant Snow Desk Build

Discussion in 'Build Log' started by Mitzyjack, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Mitzyjack

    Mitzyjack New Member

    The idea originated from when I saw ImFaceRoll and his completely custom watercooled desk PCI followed most of his materials with building the desk and spent about 10 hours building and recently sent off to get painted (For $300 Australian Emu's)The theme is black and white and I have masked off some areas of the Mobo to block the blue on the passive cooler

    Desk Materials
    MDF 20mm Wood (about $100)

    Glass 12mm ($271)

    Hinges ($10)

    Pre Wired Vandal Switch ($14)


    Intel I5 6600K CPU

    Asus Z170 AR Motherboard

    Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8gb 2x4 DDR4 2133 Ram X2

    Kingston HyperX Fury 240Gb SSD

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB Hard Drive

    EVGA 1070 Founders Edition GPU

    EVGA Supernova 750W Gold Certified Fully Modular Power Supply

    EK Vardar F4-120 ER 77.0 CFM 120mm Fan X4

    EK Supremacy MX Acetal CPU Waterblock

    EK Coolstream 360 SE Radiator

    Bitspower Water Tank Z Multi 250 Reservoir X2

    EK XTop SPC-60 PWM Pump Acetal

    EK Full Cover VGA Block EK-FC 1070 GTX Nickel

    EK Full Cover EK-FC1070 GTX Backplate Black

    Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant White 1L Premix X2

    EK HD 10/12mm Adapter Black X22 (My main fittings)

    EK AF 2 way ball valve

    EK-AF T-Splitter 3F Black

    EK-AF Q-Splitter 4F Black

    Razer BlackWidow Chroma Edition

    Razer Ouroboros Mouse (Changed Steelseries Rival 300 Black)

    Razer Megalodon 7.1 Channel Headset (Changed Planetronics Rig 600)

    Deepcool RGB LED 360 Lighting Kit +Remote

    Phobya LED Flexlight 30cm White

    PCCG LED Strip White 30cm

    Cablemod E Series G2 & P2 Basic Cable Kit White

    Phanteks PWM Fan Hub

    Desk Building



    Some more pictures of the Building process after the Desk had been painted



    after much time the loop had been filled but i wasn't confident in the fittings so i replaced them all with EK Nickel fittings






    The Updated setup


    If you have any questions or queries just ask

  2. Josh Williams

    Josh Williams New Member

    Some nice bends you got there! Are you doing a lot of that freehand>

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